NOLEGEIN-Journal of Advertising and Brand Management 2020-12-05T10:25:34+00:00 Journal Manager Open Journal Systems The Role of Media in Advertisement Effectiveness 2020-11-30T06:27:47+00:00 Dr. Mohit Chandra <p>The objectives of advertising were traditionally stated in terms of direct sales. Now, it is to view advertising as having communication objectives that seek to inform persuade and remind potential customers of the worth of the product.&nbsp;The results of researches of online advertising effectiveness show, that there are no agreed factors of measurement of online advertising effectiveness and lot of different approaches exist. &nbsp;The internet offers marketers the widest spectrum of advertising tools and formats.&nbsp;The function of advertising is to increase the profitable sales volume.</p> 2020-11-30T06:27:47+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Advertising and Brand Management Role of Strategic Advertising in the Food Industry: An Overview 2020-11-30T07:43:37+00:00 Sunrita Mukherjee <p>In a highly competitive industry like the food industry, strategic advertising has a pivotal function of ensuring the profitability and cost effectiveness of any advertising initiative. The purpose of this research paper is to examine the role of strategic advertising in the food industry, its scenario in India, and the effects associated with it.</p> 2020-11-30T07:43:37+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Advertising and Brand Management Radio: An Effective Medium of Advertisement 2020-11-30T08:00:11+00:00 Ganesh Radhakrishnan <p><em>The reach to the mass through air is “FM Radio”. FM Radio has the twin benefit of that it </em><em>has a wide coverage along with cost effectiveness. In 12 major cities in India, we have 245 </em><em>private FM Radio stations. Radio has become a primary local advertising media, which </em><em>appeals to a narrow segment of the population with a highly special programming. Across </em><em>India, various radio channels have a deeper understanding with radio agency. The </em><em>effectiveness of radio as an advertising media can be studied and analyzed by its importance</em><strong><em>. </em></strong><em>The effectiveness of radio as an advertising media is analyzed in this paper; primary </em><em>research was conducted through a survey to study the radio listenership pattern of </em><em>consumers. Consumer’s response to different types of radio ads can be analyzed and </em><em>understood by the kind of radio advertisement which becomes successful. To attain the </em><em>objectives, a primary research was conducted with a questionnaire which was well designed. </em><em>The data were collected from 321 people in Pune and the surrounding regions over a period </em><em>of two months. The results showed that perception of listeners was influenced by various </em><em>factors that allow them to judge whether to act on the advertisement or not. The term </em><em>effective advertisement can be coined when the advertisement is played on the right channel, </em><em>with right frequency, at right time-band, and has the potential to grab the minds of the </em><em>consumers. </em></p> 2020-11-30T08:00:11+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Advertising and Brand Management Online Self-Disclosure Behaviour of Young Prospective Job Applicants 2020-11-30T08:21:48+00:00 Zoltan Rozsa Martin Cepel Anna Kotaskova <p><em>The factors that lead to a positive self-presentation of prospective job candidates provide an </em><em>important means for evaluating job applications. The paper aims to determine which type of </em><em>online self-disclosure behaviour leads to a positive self-presentation. An online questionnaire </em><em>survey was conducted to collect data during the winter semester of the academic year </em><em>2019/2020 among 101 university students in the field of human resources and personnel </em><em>management. Binary logistic regression showed that it is the effort to build new relationships </em><em>(NRB) which leads to positive self-presentations. The study extends the research on online </em><em>self-disclosure and the applicability of the reliability and validity of the ascertained </em><em>information in the process of employee selection. Second, it expands the knowledge about </em><em>generation and gender influence on online self-disclosure. It also has several implications </em><em>and also social media screening HR practitioners. First, it should be noted that information </em><em>published on social media should be taken with caution in order to serve as a basis for </em><em>recruitment decision-making. Second, legal aspects should also be considered before using </em><em>social networking information. </em></p> 2020-11-30T08:21:48+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Advertising and Brand Management A Study on Economic Conditions of Migrant Workers Engaged in Garment Industry, Tirupur 2020-12-05T10:25:34+00:00 Arul Kumar.A Arun kumar.V Asifali .J Juliet Mercy. A <p>This study focuses on Economic Conditions of Migrant Workers Engaged in Garment Industry, Tirupur. Migrants Employees are working hard for their survival as well as supporting the family through their income. This study focus on their economic conditions whether their life style improve or not. The sample size is 155 and the population size is 3500. The tools are used for the study Percentage method, Chi-Square, Correlation and Cross Tabulation. The study infers that most of employees are highly satisfied with their income and their economic conditions improved based on the data.</p> 2020-12-05T10:25:34+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Advertising and Brand Management