British Airways- A SWOT and PESTLE Analysis -The impact of Europe 2020 policy

  • Ananya Gupta Student
  • Nimisha Gupta Scholar
  • Manoj Gupta Adjunct Professor
Keywords: FDI, policy, economic growth, aviation, enterprise development


British airways has an established identity in the field of civil aviation. Not only it has a long history but also a very progressive outlook and healthy bottom-line. Its engagement with its stakeholders is reliable and longstanding. Thus, enabling the company to overcome any supply chain bottlenecks. It has built a reliable distribution network that can reach the majority of its potential market and with online and app-based access, a vibrant loyalty award membership, the vast majority of BA customers have access to buy tickets and are deeply loyal. It has built a culture among distributor & dealers where the dealers not only promote company’s products but also invest in training the sales team to explain to the customer how he/she can extract the maximum benefits out of the products. However, in the evolving times, the aviation market on one hand is growing, yet, competition is becoming fiercer. The airlines globally are repositioning and UK may loose its number three position in international aviation market as per IATA.Its strength is highly skilled and loyal workforce and culture. It takes pride in positioning its product to the right customer base and segments. The corporation aims to give customers the highest levels of comfort during the complete service and to create a global network around the world. The paper tries to evaluate the impact of various PESTLE factors and analyses the airlines strnghths,weakness and opportunities and challenges in the light of a global changing scenario as well as impact of Brexit.

Research Paper