Effect of Goods and services tax (GST) on the market of FMCG

  • Madhura Adwankar PGDM Student
  • Shubhi Lall Agarwal Assistant Professor
Keywords: GST, FMCG, Retail Market


The Goods and Services Tax (GST), enforced on national holiday, 2017, is thought to be a serious reform in taxation until date enforced in Bharat since independence in 1947. One class of tax created by amalgamating differing types of indirect taxes by State and Central Government underneath one head, called GST. GST is additional useful for the purchasers as their tax burden or liability has been significantly reduced to quite twenty-five. This study is meaning to grasp the perspective of shoppers or customers in implementing GST by taking the necessary shopper sturdy phase, that is, fast-paced commodity (FMCG). In this, an attempt has been created to make a SWOT analysis of GST and to grasp concerning its execs and Cons, so it'll be beneficial for policy formulation and additionally modify the mortal to grasp concerning the implication of GST.

Research Paper