A Major Affective Disorders in Building Construction industries: A Case study of Mysuru City


  • Ananda P Research Scholar
  • Y.S. Siddegowda Professor


Occupational Diseases, Building Construction Industries, Health problems


The building construction workers unprotected to multiple physical, chemical and biological agents, who make them assailable to various health issues. Objectives of the study: to know the occupational diseases experienced by the building construction workers. Method: 360 building construction workers have been selected by using stratified sampling techniques.Interview scheduled was prepared, tested and validated. Factor analysis was used to know the effective use of the Personal protective equipment (PPE) among the building construction workers in the worksite. Results: The highest correlation coefficient value is found between lung obstruction and Ulceration, and the highest correlation coefficient value is also found between Lung Obstruction and Lung Cardiovascular risk. Conclusions: The workers engaged in this industry are victims of different occupational disorders and psychosocial stresses. The workers might go through different occupational diseases due to exposure to work.