NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development MBA Journals (Consortium eLearning Network Pvt Ltd) en-US NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development Dynamics of Participative Management in India: Perspective and Challenges <p>In the changing industrial environment, employers are challenged to find new ways to stimulate greater productivity and employee job satisfaction necessary for continued success. A participative style of management in which employees are involved in decision making process has been espoused by many experts as the logical approach to directing employees. Association of employees with the management of industrial enterprise is being increasingly realized as an effective means of ensuring industrial peace and optimizing production and productivity. An attempt has been made in this paper to study the dynamics of decision-making process in Indian organizations which is the core of participative style of management. Arising out of the analysis of the results of the study, several possible steps with regard to creation of proper industrial relations climate, training for participation, government’s role and the role personnel managers have been suggested which will facilitate in making the process of participative system of management an acceptable way of life in various organizational set up especially in developing countries of the world.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: </strong>Workers, trade union, participative management, government, organization. <strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></p> Pradip kumar Das Copyright (c) 2019 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development 2019-11-15 2019-11-15 1 13 Study of Training and Development Process at Nelco Sports <p><em>Preparing has become the clamour word in the dynamic focused market. Human capital separates a gigantic association. This investigation speaks to the significance of preparing and advancement on the representative's efficiency. </em></p> <p><em>Individuals are getting outright, and in this way making the need to adjust to the changeless learning and update of the expertise and information extremely valuable, due to the hierarchical, innovative and social elements. In this manner, for associations to accomplish ideal comes from their speculation, there is a significant need to successfully oversee preparing and advancement programs. </em></p> <p><em>Be that as it may, the most fundamental resource of each association under powerful rivalries is its human capital. Preparing and advancement are an instrument that guides human capital in investigating their handiness. Thusly, preparing and advancement are fundamental to the proficiency of the association's workforce. </em></p> Himanshu Mishra Copyright (c) 2019 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development 2019-11-22 2019-11-22 14 18 MANPOWER PLANNING AND BALANCE: CONCEPTS AND ISSUES <p>While strides have been made in the practice of resource planning world-wide, human resource planning in most countries has been poorly conceptualised, intermittent, varying in quality, profession specific in nature, and without adequate vision or data upon which to base sound decisions. If done properly and together, service planning and human resource planning can become an integrated human resource development process. This paper analyse manpower economics in general and manpower planning in particular, taking into account population and education factors too.</p> V Basil Hans Copyright (c) 2019 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development 2019-11-18 2019-11-18 19 31 A Research Paper on the Job Satisfaction Level of Employees of Hotel Marasa Sarovar Portico, Rajkot <p><span style="font-style: normal !msorm;"><em>This study examined the biggest asset of company,</em></span><em> <span style="font-style: normal !msorm;">human resource, and job satisfaction level of employees. Employee satisfaction is essential to ensure higher revenues for theorganization.40 employees were </span>analyzing<span style="font-style: normal !msorm;"> job satisfaction level. </span>We<span style="font-style: normal !msorm;"> predicted that92% employees were very much clear about their role in the organization and 62% employees could solve customer query. The</span> <span style="font-style: normal !msorm;">study </span><span style="font-style: normal !msorm;">concludes that, overall satisfaction level of employees is at very adequate level; with the minor changes in the working area it will become the place for working. The coordination between employees and employers are also impressive. From this survey of Marasa Sarovar it is observed that the all-over working environment is quite good.</span></em></p> Shreya M. Oza Copyright (c) 2019 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development 2019-12-09 2019-12-09 32 39 A Study of Impact of Competency Mapping in Contemporary Organizations in Selected Indian Textile Industries <p><em>Human asset is the broad procedure of uniting individuals and associations with the goal that the objectives of one another are met. Throughout the years, profoundly gifted and learning-based employments are expanding while low talented occupations are diminishing. This calls for future aptitude mapping through appropriate HRM activities. Indian associations are additionally seeing an adjustment in frameworks, the board societies and theory because of the worldwide arrangement of Indian associations. There is a requirement for multi-aptitude improvement. Competency mapping is a procedure of recognizing key abilities for an association, the employments and capacities inside it. Competency mapping is significant and is a fundamental action. Each well-overseen firm ought to have all around characterized jobs and rundown of skills required to play out every job successfully. Competency mapping distinguishes a person's qualities and shortcomings to assist them and to give them where profession advancement endeavors should be coordinated. Competency mapping is not accomplished for affirmed representatives of an association and it should likewise be possible for contractors or for those looking for work to stress the aptitudes which would make them important to a potential manager. Competency mapping is one of the most exact methods in distinguishing the activity and conduct skills of a person in an association. Competency is a lot of information, aptitudes and dispositions required to play out work viably and productively. </em></p> Himanshu Mishra Copyright (c) 2019 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Human Resource Management & Development 2019-12-21 2019-12-21 40 52