NOLEGEIN- Journal of Information Technology & Management 2020-12-15T06:00:29+00:00 Journal Manager Open Journal Systems Role of Information and Communication Technology in Rural Development of India 2020-12-14T11:02:21+00:00 Madhavi Kumari Shayam Chandra Gupta <p><em>Introduction of Information and Communication Technology in rural India is expected to </em><em>bring in changes in the whole process of rural governance by improving transparency, </em><em>accountability and administrative efficiency of rural institutions by promoting participation </em><em>of the poor and rural people in decision-making processes and also improving the efficiency </em><em>and responsiveness of rural service delivery. It can facilitate speedy, transparent, </em><em>accountable, efficient and effective interaction between rural citizens. It not only promotes </em><em>better administration but also saves time and transaction costs of government operations. At </em><em>the same time, information and communication technology improves interaction with and </em><em>within civil society and encourages civil society participation in the rural governing process. </em><em>Access to information is of fundamental importance to any development process. The recent </em><em>development of information and communication technology is greatly facilitating the flow of </em><em>information and knowledge, beyond the border of social and economic status. In this context, </em><em>information and communication technology is now widely recognized as a critical tool to </em><em>tackle development issues in developing countries which ultimately lead to social </em><em>transformation. Application of information and communication technology has the potential </em><em>to improve living standards of people in remote and rural areas by providing important </em><em>commercial, social and educational benefits. By expanding the use of government services, </em><em>information and communication technology strengthens the livelihood opportunities for rural </em><em>India. Information and communication technology can ensure a better quality of life for the </em><em>rural poor with an improved access to markets, health, and education which pushes rural </em><em>India towards economic development, job-creation and poverty alleviation. </em></p> 2020-12-14T11:02:21+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Information Technology & Management Work from Anywhere: A New Era 2020-12-14T11:47:26+00:00 Ganesh Radhakrishnan <p><em>New information and communications technologies (ICT) have revolutionized everyday work </em><em>and life in the 21st century. This research work “Work from Anywhere” provides an outlook </em><em>in terms of various modes and segments of WFH era. It provides beckons organizations of all </em><em>hues which are accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The biggest fear that worries </em><em>today’s world is that collaboration will suffer; leading to loss of employees and productivity </em><em>and performance will be hampered. The first letters of Digital India indicate famous symbol </em><em>@ with "d" and "i". When we look at the seven letter word ‘digital’, it resembles seven </em><em>segments. Digital India Logo was designed by Mr. Rana Bhowmik. Government of India has </em><em>integrated the government departments and the people of India by taking the initiative of </em><em>Digital India. It aims at ensuring that the government services and all other services are </em><em>made available to citizens electronically by reducing paper-work. This makes working people </em><em>to use modern tools and equipments, ensures collaboration and does not damage collaterally </em><em>amid the new ways of working. </em></p> 2020-12-14T11:47:26+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Information Technology & Management Social Marketing Concept and Its Application in Tourism and Hospitality Industry 2020-12-15T04:56:34+00:00 Dr. Mohit Chandra <p><em>Social marketing has the potential to influence personal, community and business behaviors </em><em>throughout the tourism system. It starts and finishes with research, and research is conducted </em><em>throughout to inform the development of the strategy. Social marketing has established itself </em><em>as a coherent and valuable discipline, taking the principles of commercial marketing and </em><em>applying them to the resolution of important social problems. </em></p> 2020-12-15T04:56:34+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Information Technology & Management Computer-based Marketing Analysis in a Pharma PSU 2020-12-15T05:22:46+00:00 Ganesh Radhakrishnan <p><em>Computer is mandatory in this advanced era and pharmaceutical and related subjects are not </em><em>exception to it. This review mainly focuses on the various applications, software and use of </em><em>computers in pharmaceutical and pharmacy. Computer science and technology is deeply </em><em>utilized in pharmaceutical field everywhere like in, pharmaceutical industries, pharmacy </em><em>colleges, research centers, hospital pharmacy and many more. Computer significantly </em><em>reduces the time, expenditure, and manpower required for any kind of work. Development of </em><em>various software make it trouble-free to handle huge data. Computers are playing critical </em><em>role in Pharmaceutical field, without computers Pharmaceutical and pharmacy research will </em><em>be long-lasting and expensive. Marketing analytics or research has completely changed with </em><em>the discovery of new fields like bio-informatics, computational biology, computational </em><em>genomics (often referred to as computational genetics), modelling biological systems, health </em><em>informatics (also called health information systems, health care informatics, medical </em><em>informatics, nursing informatics, clinical informatics, or biomedical informatics </em><em>Computational chemistry, chem-informatics (also known as chemical informatics). With </em><em>introduction of increasing products and problems and the increasing proportion of those </em><em>products, lot of small and large organization have to bear the consequences. The efficiency is </em><em>increased by doing lot of marketing research and taking help of computers. The quantitative </em><em>content analysis show that the focus of the marketing material in the areas of information </em><em>management/information supply. But in qualitative analysis, it is found that the focus is on </em><em>economic benefits. </em></p> 2020-12-15T05:22:46+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Information Technology & Management The Adoption of Electronic Payment Systems in Selected Indian Rural Region: An Overview of West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh 2020-12-15T06:00:29+00:00 V. Sridhar V. Sandeep <p><em>Rural economy plays a crucial role in the Indian financial sector, as it constitutes 70% of the </em><em>work force with 46% of national income. The economic progress of the Andhra Pradesh state </em><em>has major contribution from rural regions, which constitutes 66.64% population. Current </em><em>work focuses on the West Godavari which has 95% rural population, a district of Andhra </em><em>Pradesh. This work studies the adoption level of electronic payments in this selected rural </em><em>segment. Adoption level depends on variables such as literacy rate, technical infrastructure, </em><em>flexibility etc. It also studies about issues faced while performing electronic transactions. The </em><em>primary data was collected from respondents with the help of questionnaire. </em></p> 2020-12-15T06:00:29+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Information Technology & Management