Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management MBA Journals (Consortium eLearning Network Pvt Ltd) en-US Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2582-032X The Next Technology (5G) <p><em>On this paper, a review of the beyond, present day and destiny generations of mobile </em><em>technology in terms in their functions, overall performance, advantages and drawbacks has </em><em>been made. We can also speak the evolution and improvement of different generations of cell </em><em>technology at the side of their importance and advantages of each era. On this paper, </em><em>assessment of 5G may also be carried out with all other generations from 1G to 4G including </em><em>their essential characteristics, blessings and disadvantages. Then later on this paper, </em><em>requirement of 5G era, 5G networks and 5G mobile network architectures could be </em><em>discussed. In the end, all the capabilities of 5G technology, its advantages over other </em><em>generations and packages could be blanketed, and some destiny scope (past 5G) could be </em><em>proposed. </em></p> Dhaval Kher Nirav Natwarlal Dattani Copyright (c) 2020 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2020-12-01 2020-12-01 19 22 The Influence of Change Management in Organisation for Accomplishing Accentuated Aims <p><em>Change has developed a portion of everyone’s breath along with company survival. </em><em>Maximum establishments met through earnestness of change in their day-to-day procedures; </em><em>nevertheless, their interpretations on change fluctuate. The foremost belief of this research is </em><em>to analytically assess the influence of change management in organisation for accomplishing </em><em>accentuated aims in the belvedere of the company or organisations. Precisely, it holds on </em><em>aspects that root the change that can also be interior or exterior aspects; regulate the forms </em><em>of alteration and managerial change; and inspect the optimistic and undesirable concerns of </em><em>change. Furthermore, it will shelter well-lit on the ideas and presentations of change </em><em>management with the utility of the diverse change prototypes; converse in specifics how to </em><em>device an actual change management and the possible welfares that change management can </em><em>bid to the association. Slight struggle to variation might surface confrontation, so </em><em>organisations should systematise methods to diminish the confrontation stages; therefore, </em><em>encourages a flat shift of change. Also, the research includes the achievement or </em><em>accomplishment of aims of organisation where leaders play an important character in </em><em>establishing the change. </em></p> Ashwini Y. Sonawane Atul Loomba Copyright (c) 2020 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2020-12-01 2020-12-01 7 18 10.37591/njobm.vi0.587 Comparison of Work–Life Balance Satisfaction Between Fresher and Experienced Employees of a Pharma Company in Pune <p><em>The purpose of the present study is to investigate the relationship between the work–life </em><em>balance (WLB) satisfaction and the number of years of service of pharmaceutical </em><em>professionals in their work/life. The sample consisted of 300 pharmaceutical professionals </em><em>from a government pharma company from the PCMC area of Maharashtra, who are both </em><em>fresher and experienced. The sampling technique was done to obtain response from three-tier </em><em>professionals. Proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence in support of WLB </em><em>satisfaction has been tested in this study. The test at t = 0.05 level of significance revealed </em><em>significant differences on various factors identified in the study. The results indicated that </em><em>freshers are more satisfied on every factor as compared to experienced employees. </em></p> Ganesh Radhakrishnan Copyright (c) 2020 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2020-12-07 2020-12-07 1 6 Descriptive Study on Grievance Handling Procedure in Steering and Suspension Manufacturing and Distribution Company <p>The main objective of this study is to identify the effectiveness of employees’ grievances handling procedure being followed in the organization.The samples were taken from the population to collect the primary data. The sampling procedure framed was simple random sampling. Descriptive research design has been used for study. Primary data was collected from the employees with questionnaire. The secondary data was collected from the records of the organization, published books and journals and from some websites. The results are presented with the help of different charts and graphs. Appropriate statistical tools have been used to test the relevant hypothesis. The suggestions were drawn based upon the findings. After thorough analysis and interpretation it is revealed that majority of the respondents were satisfied with the Grievance Handling Measures adopted by the organization but the flow of communication need to improve as the grievances of the employees are not reaching the top management and the slight deviation occur in the area of communication of work environment. It is also suggested to improve the interpersonal relationship of the employees, since there is some improvement needed in the organization.</p> Kirubasankar N. Imayavendan V. Gowtham E. Copyright (c) 2020 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2020-12-07 2020-12-07 32 40 Work from Home (WFH) Scenario and Ergonomic Arrangements <p>The word Corona virus or COVID-19 itself has become a pandemic across the globe. The resultant effect of this pandemic has pushed more than 60 % of the world indoors. The studies on the effect of COVID-19 across the world so far have concentrated mainly on factors related to the economic downturn, psychological trauma, stress of unemployment, and so on. Very few have looked at its effect on physical health and well-being during the lock-down. While the culture of ‘Work From Home’&nbsp;(WFH) had always been related to software services / information technology-related sectors, the current pandemic situation has forced more than 85% of other services and sectors to adopt this method. This novel concept of WFH for other sectors has opened up new challenges among households such as lack of a dedicated workspace or multiple members of the family working from home simultaneously. This study aimed to understand the most ignored aspect during this global pandemic i.e. physical well-being and postural challenges in a WFH scenario. An online survey was conducted through the use of Google forms. A total of 326 respondents participated across the world (majority being from India). The results showed that majority of the respondents were from the student community (40%) followed by IT/ITES field (16%). Interestingly, the percentages of female respondents were higher than male respondents (~62% vs 38%). A little less than 50% of the respondents answered that they were involved in video conferencing while around 28% were learning online. An interesting observation was that majority (~79%) of the respondents tended to use more than one gadget at any given time. Despite having a proper study table and chair, respondents complained of neck and back pain. While the participants were aware of proper working conditions, they were oblivious of the standard ergonomic working height ratio. Furthermore, participants said they were aware of workspace related disease conditions such as Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)&nbsp;but were unfortunately not aware of its implications. The major impact of this pandemic, from an ergonomic aspect, has been the realization for the need of a proper workspace at home. This, coupled with the understanding on importance of posture at workspace will potentially help people correct their posture and decrease MSDs or postural pain in the future.</p> Ganesh Radhakrishnan Copyright (c) 2020 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2020-12-07 2020-12-07 23 31