Open Access Statement

NJBEEC is a peer-reviewed, hybrid open-access publication that does not charge a subscription fee. Everyone will be able to read, download, copy, and distribute all open access articles immediately and indefinitely.

Readers from all over the world have unrestricted access to complete articles. Allowing free access to articles can enhance citations, which has an impact on their prominence in scientific literature.

In general, open access refers to the free and permanent availability of published research, as well as explicit directions for users on how to share and utilize it.

Open access is unrestricted and free access to research publications such as research articles, review articles, and case studies so anyone can benefit from reading and using research. Libraries and publishers should make every effort to hasten this transition in a fashion that does not disrupt the orderly dissemination of scientific information.


Open Access

Open access (OA) is the practice of providing free access to and re-uses of journal articles. It also gives researchers the opportunity to build upon their work. We are committed to enabling sustainable open research initiatives that lead to more open scholarly communications. For detail of the charges, please see the list of open access journals.


Advantages of Open Access for Authors

  1. The visibility of our open access articles enables researchers to carry out collaborative research on a global scale.


  1. Worldwide visibility of articles increases the citation and their high publicity availability.


  1. Online rapid publication of accepted articles in open access journals than those of traditional, subscription-based, and print journals.


  1. Open access gives an opportunity to publish current articles in a specific field.


Open Option

Open Option is an open access service that enables writers to publish for free in any of our traditional, subscription-based, or print journals. Only after the paper has been accepted for publication by a journal after peer review may the Open Option be requested. An article publication price (APC) is levied on the Open Option, which can be paid by the author, their research funder, or their institution. The open option APC does not replace the existing author fees for services such as color printing and filing fees. See the list in the Open Option journal for pricing details.


Advantages of the Open Access for Authors


  1. High visibility of the Open access articles and appear online upon publication and in a print publication


  1. You retain your copyright while also obtaining an open-access license that allows your research to be freely disseminated.


  1. Your manuscript may be freely shared in repositories and research networks without restriction.


  1. Simple adherence to open access mandates.


  1. Editorial and peer review standards are extremely strict.


  1. Customized email announcement with a direct link to your article


Open Access Policy

  1. Manuscripts of any length will be considered by the publisher. The publisher accepts full-length articles as well as shorter manuscripts that present innovative findings from a smaller number of studies.


  1. Although we accept submissions from all over the world, the publisher requires manuscripts to be submitted in English.



  1. All users are granted a free, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual right of access to, and a license to copy, use, distribute, transmit, and display the work publicly, as well as create and distribute derivative works, in any digital medium for any responsible purpose, subject to proper authorship attribution.


  1. The full version of the article and all support files, including the copyright form above, are filed in the standard format and is submitted online


  1. Accepted articles may be published online for public viewing if the Author wishes, it can also be deposited in the databases for indexing by the Publishers.


  1. The publisher utilizes a rapid publication approach. The average time it takes to process an article is 30 days.


Submit your manuscript at or as an E-mail attachment to [email protected]


Article Processing Charges (APC)

Open access articles receive the most citations and are distributed to the widest possible audience. The authors must pay for this service. These expenses are covered by article-processing charges (APCs), which authors pay once their paper is accepted for publication.

Discounts on APCs

Waivers might be granted at the Publisher& attentiveness and ought to be talked about with the editorial office while submitting the manuscript. Although editorial decisions are not influenced by the authors& ability to pay the Processing Charges, writers should examine whether they have adequate finances to cover the entire APC upfront.

We do accept payment in USD.

Manuscript Type Article Processing Charges

  • Regular Articles 300 USD
  • Special Issue Article 500 USD


    UPTO 50% Depending upon Country. T&C