• Hiren Jigarkumar Jani
  • Dr. Butalal C. Ajmera



Sustainable finance is a very important term which needs to be considered in a proper context of firm’s financial performance as well as reporting practices. The paper studies the impact of environmental, social and governance variables on financial performance of Hero Motorcorp. The study is conducted from 2018-19 to 2022-23. The study is conducted using multiple regression analysis. The findings of the study suggest that environmental and social variables have impact on return on capital employed and return on net worth. The study provides useful insights as, impact of such sustainable measures have significant impact on investor’s perspective for investing in sustainable firm. Through illuminating the concrete impacts of sustainable practices on financial performance, this study offers significant perspectives to scholars and practitioners in the sector. The study facilitates informed decision-making by providing clarity on the connections between sustainability activities and financial outcomes. This helps stakeholders make more ethical investment decisions and encourages the implementation of sustainable corporate practices. As a result, the results emphasize how crucial it is for businesses to view sustainability as a strategic imperative, both to improve their financial performance and to build long-lasting relationships with investors who understand the long-term value creation that sustainable businesses provide.


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