Impact of Vocational Skill Development Programmes of Jan Shikshan Sansthan


  • P.V. Subba Reddy Center for Economic and social Studies


development, impact, programme, Saakshar, skill, vocational, development, programme, Saakshar


Saakshar Bharat Programme (SBP), a centrally sponsored scheme of Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, was launched on the International Literacy Day (ILD), 8 September 2009, to impart functional literacy to 70 million non-literates in the age group of 15+ adults in the country. SBP has been in operation in Telangana since 2010, and millions of non-literates were made literates and they are attending Lok Shiksha Kendras/Adult Education Centres (LSK/AEC) for life-long learning to improve their further knowledge and skills for better quality of life. Purpose of the Study: The study tried to assess two issues which are the impact of vocational skill development programmes and identification of problems/shortcomings while organising the vocational skill development programmes for the neo-literates in SBP. Methodology: This empirical research adopted a quantitative method by distributing a schedule to 120 neo-literates located in rural-based Mahabubnagar district of Telangana State, India. The data analysed by using statistical techniques such as mean and percentages to assess the impact of the vocational skill development programmes. Main Findings: This study found that incomes are improved phenomenally after availing vocational skill development programmes by the neo-literates. However, the neo-literates are needed more skill development programmes to facilitate awareness of various institutes for the promotion of skill development programmes. A good positive response from the beneficiaries with regard to their enhancement of income and the respondents had increased their self-confidence level and enhanced their quality of life. Application of the Study: The findings of the study are useful for the government in implementing vocational skill development programmes to strengthen the neo-literates economically and socially. It would be relevant to apply solutions for the problems encountering by the neo-literates of SBP. Novelty/Originality of the Study: The impact of vocational skill development programmes has been addressed categorically concerning empowerment. Therefore, a determined plan of implementation of further action can significantly empower the neo-literates of SBP.



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