Cryptocurrency: A New Era for Youth


  • Kanika Budhiraja
  • Surbhi Jain


Cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital finance, digital coins


More and more digital currency forms are being created each month. Although Bitcoin is the most wellknown
digital money, others, such Doge coin, have also gained popularity. It's just another eight-month
digital currency with its own unique features. Crypto currency works later with the help of block chain
management. A block chain is a type of software used by long-term digital currencies. Various experts
predict a bright future in both these new and monetary forms. We are in the early days of digital finance
and that these have very long lives left. At present we will not be able to get the traditional and ordinary
money with which we are familiar. The real coins that came to irritate the financial and mechanical
world are also fighting at an unusual rate. In today's fast-paced world, youth are eager to make money
as soon as possible. They are constantly looking for ways to make money, so they started paying more
attention to crypto currency investments. However, once young people start using crypto currency
seriously, they have no time left to write academic papers.


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