Copyright Claims

An erratum, retraction, or in-line (dated) correction will be issued if an error is identified after publication. If authors or readers see anything that needs to be corrected, they should contact the publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

The industry-standard Letter head with logo will be used to signify when an erratum or retraction notification has been sent. This logo will show if an update has been issued: readers will be told if the version they are reading is the most up-to-date, or if there is a revision they should be aware of, by viewing that letter head.

The publisher and Editor-in-Chief will look into any reported inaccuracies and discuss them with the writers. The necessary adjustments will be made after discussion.

If you found any of your content without any prior knowledge or consent.

Request you to kindly share all the details by mentioning desired information at [email protected]

Or you can directly contact author at the given mail id mentioned in the paper directly for any area of conflict.

For any area of conflict regarding copyright mail us at [email protected]