NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management <p><strong>NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management </strong>is a peer reviewed journal and provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of Disaster relief and recovery. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on Enterprise risk management and policy &amp; Governance, risk, regulatory compliance. It's a biannual journal, started in 2018.</p> MBA Journals (Consortium eLearning Network Pvt Ltd) en-US NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management 2582-287X Recapitulation of Sahara Parivar Pvt. Ltd. <p>Being your boss gives a different kind of feeling, and one of the sources where we can be our boss and earn money, also by serving our country is entrepreneurship. India is becoming a hub of entrepreneurs as advancements in terms of technology, resources and government support are giving the new minds an encouragement to do their best. The new minds are coming up with ideas that are benefitting the nation to a great level. Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs have given magical fuel to the Indian economy. This not only benefitted an entrepreneur personally but is also a reason behind the new jobs, advancement in working, enhancement of productivity and a better standard of living. The Indian law also has given leniency to start-ups or entrepreneurship now. But oneimportant thing which we the citizens should see in start-ups touching the sky these days is the ethics they are following. Business ethics is one of the most important aspects that affect the productivity and the goodwill of the company or firm. This report is a case study of a start-up where a 30-year-old entrepreneur established a firm which later became a brand and is called Sahara Parivar Pvt. Ltd. Spreading its wings and establishing goodwill was not easy for him but was not impossible too. The major tool that the company lacked was business ethics. Business ethics simply means an appropriate study of the policies and practices of business. The companies behavior towards its employees, towards its customers, towards its investors and most importantly towards it nation comes under the business ethics. They cared about corporate social responsibility but ethics in the eyes of law was missing in their execution of work. Therefore, this article contains an overview of the Sahara Company and its life on different grounds.</p> Ananya Srivastava Afshan Ahmad Khan Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management 2022-10-11 2022-10-11 5 1 Computerized Accounting System for Small Businesses with Mobile Applications <p>Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have long been known as important engines of the Indian<br>economy. In addition to encouraging private ownership and entrepreneurship, SMEs are flexible and<br>able to quickly adapt to changing market supply and demand. The aim of this study was to show that<br>how the factors of barrier affected practicing of accounting software system in SMEs of India.<br>Informationalisation is a key strategy for creating modern business systems and improving the<br>excellence of accounting and results. Accounting information helps management, stakeholders, and<br>other decision makers to strengthen their businesses, improve efficiency, and make better decisions.<br>This study analyzed the effectiveness of mobile accounting applications. An effective mobile<br>application should make it easy for small business holders to generate financial news according to<br>accounting standards, and the produced financial reports should be easy to use for entrepreneurs.</p> D. Gnyaneswer Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management 2022-10-07 2022-10-07 5 1 Use of Financial Derivatives in Indian Companies: An Assessment <p>Eminent researchers from all around the world have produced outstanding research and up-to-date empirical studies that have successfully and convincingly captured the corporate trend for risk management to increase the value of the organization in some way. It is accepted practice to view corporate risk management as a crucial component of a company's entire business strategy. On the basis of review of literature and discussion this research work has been planned on sampled Indian companies where the use of financial derivatives. From the research it was found that foreign currency risk is the most hedged risk, with OTC forward contracts being the most used derivative instrument. It has also been discovered that Indian companies use derivative instruments to hedge against variations in cash flow, whereas companies in the Western world use derivative instruments to hedge against accounting earnings. Concerning the companies' concerns about using derivatives, the responses show that the cost of hedging compared to the benefits, a lack of knowledge about derivatives within the firm, and perceptions of investors, regulators, and the public are the three major constraints that Indian companies are concerned about using financial derivatives.</p> Tarakeswara Rao. Sivvala Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management 2022-10-11 2022-10-11 5 1 A Gender wise Study on Privacy and Security in Digital Banking <p>Banks have always been a place of trust for all: Young/old, Rich/Poor, Male/Female, Literate. The<br>concept of bank in India is that of a place where there are long ques for every activity and a huge<br>amount of paperwork is to be done for each transaction. However, due to the introduction of<br>technology in the banking sector, the scenario is not the same anymore; it has reduced the quantum of<br>paperwork for many banking activities and at the same time the footfall of the customers in the bank<br>has reduced, resulting in shorter or no ques in many banks. The main reason why people deposit their<br>money and other valuables in the bank is ‘Trust’. The trust that their money and personal data is safe<br>in bank. They are not worried about the transactions done through bank. Risk is a part of any<br>business and banking is no exception. However, the kind of risk faced by bank is a little different than<br>that of the other businesses. The risks faced by banks are mainly Systematic and Unsystematic in<br>nature. As said that every coin has two sides, so is the case of introduction of technology in banking,<br>it has given certain benefits in the banking process, however, it has increased the risk of Cyber<br>Security mainly in today’s world of Digital Banking. As a bank, the ability to find the best solution to<br>overcome the cyber risk which would ensure the safety of customer’s money/data would be the key for<br>the banks to stay and prosper in business by maintaining the trust of the customers. This study aims at<br>analyzing the privacy and security of the customers using digital banking. It also intends to examine<br>the gender wise customer perception towards the concerns and safety of the customers based on their<br>belief about the safety of their valuables/data.</p> Mitesh Kadakia Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management 2022-10-11 2022-10-11 5 1 Profitability of Indigenous and Hybrid Poultry Birds Enterprises in Imo State, Nigeria <p>Mixture poultry endeavors are turning out to be more liked to native poultry ventures in Imo State<br>Nigeria. This study in a bid to establish a reason for this development, investigated the profitability of<br>the two enterprises and the factors that influence their profitability. Essential information were<br>gathered utilizing a bunch of organized poll from 96 respondents drawn from 48 native grill ranchers<br>and 48 half breed oven ranchers who were chosen through multistage, purposive and irregular testing<br>strategies. Information were dissected utilizing graphic measurements, benefit proportions and the<br>standard Least squares products relapse method. The results showed that the majority of the<br>respondents were in their mid-forties with mean age of 46 years and 45 years respectively. Female<br>poultry farmers dominated in the indigenous birds based poultry enterprises while male farmers were<br>mostly involved in hybrid bird poultry production. Majority of the entrepreneurs had formal<br>education with an average of 13 years and 14 years. The degree of instruction (P&lt;0.01), stock size<br>(P&lt;0.01), depreciation of capital assets (P&lt;0.1), amount of credit (P&lt;0.01) and total cost (P&lt;0.01)<br>are factors that influence the profitability of indigenous birds based poultry enterprises in the State.<br>The age of the entrepreneur (P&lt;0.01), the level of education of the entrepreneur (P&lt;0.05), the stock<br>size (P&lt;0.1), depreciation of capital assets (P&lt;0.05) influenced the profitability of hybrid birds based<br>poultry enterprises. The study recommended that extension of credit, better educational facilities to<br>poultry enterprises and entrepreneurs in the State.</p> Osuji E.E Ibeagwa O.B Chikezie C Anyiam K.H Anyanwu U.G Okonkwo E.K Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Business Risk Management 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 5 1