Article Withdrawl Policy

If the withdrawal is within the 10 days of submission, the author is allowed to withdraw the manuscript without paying any withdrawal fee, however, if authors withdraw manuscripts any time after review and acceptance, a withdrawal fee will have to be paid.

However, If the authors/conference organizers/or a third party withdraw manuscripts any time after the final manuscript has already been submitted to MBA Journals for processing, the request will not be entertained without a withdrawal penalty, which is basically to cover the cost incurred and also to check such practice.

If the author still wants to withdraw the manuscript, the author needs to submit a written letter to MBA Journals stating the reasons for manuscript withdrawal along with (Rs 10,000 + 18% GST or USD 100) as Manuscript Withdrawal Charges.

MBA Journals will provide the author with a formal letter of Manuscript Withdrawal. Withdrawal of manuscripts is only allowed after the withdrawal penalty has been fully paid to the MBA Journals by the authors or conference organizers.

The author can still continue to publish other manuscripts with MBA Journals provided they follow the journal submission guidelines.