NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management <p><strong>NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership &amp; Strategic Management </strong>is a peer reviewed journal and provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of Strategic Management process. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on Management decisions and Corporate strategy. It's a biannual journal, started in 2018. </p> MBA Journals (Consortium eLearning Network Pvt Ltd) en-US NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management 2582-2888 Adaptability, change and Trust leadership <p><em>Change is constant and we need to be adaptive with changes. Trust leadership is also an important factor to keep the organization moving. An entrepreneur needs to find out true purpose to make his business successful. Dynamic business environment always gives us challenge and we need to overcome it by establishing true purpose. We need to explore leadership qualities in the common man. In an organizational context, we need to find out leaders from common employees and it does not come with designation or authority. If any organization is not able to find out leadership qualities in common employees, then it is very difficult to survive in long run. The sustainability of any organization depends on its leadership qualities. Adi Shankaraya system is a great speculative, logical system and it marches with different hope and beliefs of man. One needs to understand the philosophy with profound penetration in mind. It has got three important parts: (1). The team and we. (2). Critical initiatives. (3). Leadership Team. I used to believe that if I had a competent team, a decent project plan, a strong stakeholder engagement strategy, and a worthwhile initiative, strategic execution would come naturally with the correct effort.</em></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Tuhin Mukharjee Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management 2022-05-25 2022-05-25 5 1 Florence Nightingale: The Pioneer Leader of Nursing Profession <p><em>Florence Nightingale was born on 12<sup>th</sup> May,1820 and left the mortal world on 13<sup>th</sup> August, 1910. She was an English reformer, statistician and founder of modern nursing. She is known as “The Lady with the Lamp.” On 12<sup>th</sup> May, International Nurses Day is celebrated. It is the birth day of Florence Nightingale. Good leaders are not born but anyone have desire and will power, can become an effective leader. A person influences the other persons, it is done to fulfil an objective of the organization, called the leadership. The Leaders concentrate on what they are (be), what they know and what they do. People wants to be guided by those they respect, have a clear vision, must be ethical. Nursing is a profession. It includes in the health care sector. It is activity of care of individuals, families and communities. It for attain, maintain, or recover optimal health as well as quality of life. Nursing contributes care autonomously and collaboratively. It cares for individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities. It cares of sick or well in all settings. The promotion of health, prevention of health, care of ill, disabled and dying people is goals of Nursing. Key roles of nursing are advocacy, research, promotion of safe environment, education etc. The main function of the nurse is to assist the individual (sick or well) in those activities which are helpful to health, its recovery or to a peaceful death. These activities would complete without aid, if he had needed strength or knowledge. Most of the countries, entrance and practice of nursing is governed by law. It is regulated state or national level. Florence Nightingale is known as pioneer of nursing profession but she contributed in statistics, sanitation, literature and the women’s movement and theology.</em></p> Shersingh Morodiya Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management 2022-05-12 2022-05-12 5 1 THE SUPERIORITY OF AN ORGANIZATIONAL ADVANCEMENT ENTIRELY DEPENDS UPON SOUND INTERVENTION OF LEADERS <p>Any organization should have the most refining future along with the most encyclopedic resources to develop the same in a befitting manner. It must have the great propensity to enhance the volume of prescheduled production from the perspective of both their professional competency and the constructive management as well. In this regard the concept of “Marketing” will be one of the prime considerations for elevating the real occupational glow which is invariably regulated by our veteran organizational leaders indeed. Leaders do play the sheet anchor role not only to entrench the concept of “Business Supremacy” but to restructure the notion of “absolution of participative leaders”. Because it is very urgent to involve all the leaders not only to contribute but to analyze the most convenient strategy for elevating an inhabitable occupational initiative indeed. On the other hand, marketing means to sale the product or concept in such a magnificent manner where more number of consumers is exclusively convinced and those unique concepts are truly appreciated in our combative society at all. Leaders do play the most pivotal role here to strengthen the strategy and to utilize the 8p’s of marketing according to the present day scenario. Most importantly they shall have to search for the communal needs and their preferences as well. The strategy will be incepted accordingly. Leaders will be monitoring upon the entire procedure of manufacture and the distribution of finished products as per the concept of “Equal Distribution”. In this regard people of all the individual class shall have the same to lead their very precious lives very confidently. Leaders are here to approve the process and they will be evaluating the entire paradigm where a. implementation of man power, availability of resources, competency of manufacturers, the technological implementations, qualitative measures of all the elements and the overall execution of this great professional journey are minutely evaluated by the leaders in terms of commercial profit, global acceptance and the unbeaten business goodwill. In the same light organization must be truly surviving through satisfying our clients both in national and international statures. Most importantly our best industrious image is really high rising just because of these significant organizations.</p> Dr. Rudrarup Gupta Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management 2022-05-13 2022-05-13 5 1 Asian Union: Possible or Probable? <p>We all know that there are multiple unions and associations between countries where in many issues<br>such as diplomatic, territorial, war related, economical and miscellaneous issues have been sorted<br>out, are getting sorted out and will be getting sorted out. For example, there is the European Union<br>where in the countries of Europe have formed from the Maastricht Treaty and adhere to it thereby<br>making the region prosperous. And there is The African Union, which is an economic union of<br>African countries, thereby supporting the prosperity of the region. In similar lines, Asia has multiple<br>unions and associations which benefit certain economic and diplomatic challenges. Asia is the only<br>continent with no such union where in each and every country of the continent is a part of. This was<br>never materialized due to multiple disagreements amongst Asian countries since every country has a<br>different culture in Asia. Apart from that, there is heavy competition where in every country in Asia<br>wants to be the dominant force in the region. By addressing the above issue and creating the Asian<br>Union, we try to establish the possibility of an Asian Union and its pros and cons.</p> Akhil Bharadwaj Chintada Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management 2022-08-24 2022-08-24 5 1 Review of Innovative Quality Indicators of Faculty in Institutions: A Study in Perspective of Students’ Performance <p>Generally, there is an immoderately competitive market. As of now, we do not just compete with the<br>surrounding networks but along with this, we need to compete globally also. So, for that, we need to<br>work with the base. As education gives confidence, enhance skill, and develop better leading<br>personality. So, for that, a learning and a creative environment must be required as in that students<br>learn from others, work in coordination, and develop themselves in a competitive global environment.<br>That is, we need to work on the quality of the students as they will be the future entrepreneurs and<br>professionals. Consistency in work is the key to success. So, it can be said that apart from their basic<br>academics, there is an imperative need for quality focus. The aim of the research paper is to analyze<br>or identify the correlation between innovative quality indicators of faculty and student performance.<br>The aim behind the research paper is to improve quality for teaching as education is the basis for the<br>future growth of students. So, this research focuses on what are the prime factors that affect the<br>quality of teaching are. For that, a probability sampling method under which simple random</p> <p>sampling of 50 faculties is taken. To make it more reliable and justify the percentage method, a chi-<br>square test is used.</p> Preksha Dattani Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN- Journal of Leadership & Strategic Management 2022-10-14 2022-10-14 5 1