Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management 2023-05-16T07:12:52+00:00 Journal Manager [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management </strong>is a peer reviewed journal and provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of Organisational Behavior and Management. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on Organizational culture and Change Management. It's a biannual journal, started in 2018. </p> Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Indian Scenario 2023-03-27T07:24:30+00:00 Saurabh Tripathi [email protected] <p>The hospitality and the tourist industry is seen as the foundation of economic prosperity, particularly in emerging nations. But this booming industry is particularly susceptible to calamities caused by humans and nature. This research evaluates the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease-2019) pandemic's effects on India's hospitality and tourist industry by addressing crucial issues including the situation right now, the difficulties it faces, and the outlook for the future. The research has used the secondary research approach. The secondary data for data gathering has been gathered from literature, journal articles, government papers, etc. According to the study's findings, COVID-19 in India significantly affected the hotel and tourism industries. The plans of both foreign and local visitors to visit the historical, religious, and cultural sites have been cancelled. Both the hotel bookings and the airline tickets have been cancelled. Many employees in the industry have lost their employment, which is significant. We wish to investigate how this global financial crisis has affected the human resources employed in the hospitality industry, namely the hotel sector, as well as their host facilities. To do this, we have opted for a qualitative approach that will enable us to more thoroughly investigate the best application of the data gained. Our research was based on semi-structured interviews with managers and industry professionals in the hotel and global data sectors. Through the manual content analysis of the interviewees' responses, we were able to determine the answers to our main questions.</p> 2023-03-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management Internal Assessment of Rivers State University in Achieving Threshold, Distinctive, and Dynamic Educational and Business Capabilities 2023-05-16T06:57:55+00:00 Amadi Alolote [email protected] Amieye Dapiriteye Ibim [email protected] <p>Scanning an organization’s internal environment is necessary to identify strengths (internal capabilities/competencies) to be built on; weaknesses to be overcome; and potential external linkages, relevant to support. An internal assessment of Rivers State University was carried out via a resource audit, which entailed a survey/evaluation of available resources/competencies as well as deficiencies as a business entity. The internal assessment shows that Rivers State University possesses several core threshold resources and competencies. There are several functional building infrastructures, unique Science and Technology programs/research institutes/partnerships, extensive land coverage, and ICT competence. There are also several human resource competencies, which reinforce core threshold capabilities. This includes robust staff-facing activities with a strong emphasis placed on academic staff enhancement and highly regulated student-facing activities. This is further complemented by a renewed drive towards corporate entrepreneurship, with employability and research initiatives drawn in partnership with key industries in the region. RSU’s ability to proactively exploit external linkages and political links for internal support confers distinctive capabilities. RSU must however continue to exercise forward-thinking relevant to sustain such distinctive capabilities which should be underpinned by demand-driven institutional and organic responses that are in sync with its immediate environment. </p> 2023-05-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management An Analysis on the Effects of Mobile Marketing on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour 2023-04-17T10:25:00+00:00 advet gupta [email protected] <p>Mobile phones, especially smartphones, have recently taken over as the main form of communication. One of the fastest-growing mobile markets is that of India. Due to this, marketers are turning to mobile marketing as one of the greatest platforms for advertising, brand recognition, promotions, and consumer outreach since it has a far greater impact than traditional marketing communication techniques. By the use of mobile devices for marketing, businesses may bypass temporal and geographic constraints to engage directly with potential consumers i.e. It allows businesses to expand their reach and target a wider audience than ever before, without the need to physically be in the same place. So, research on mobile advertising would have a significant influence on how a company is conducted. This study intends to investigate how mobile marketing affects consumers' purchasing decisions. A poll in the city yielded 100 valid replies in total. The findings demonstrated a favourable correlation between the characteristics of mobile phone users and their intended behaviour.</p> 2023-04-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management The Role of Employees in Decision Making on Organizational Productivity in Mogadishu Private Enterprises, Somalia 2023-05-16T07:12:52+00:00 Isse Sudi Mohamed [email protected] <p>This study analyzes the significance of participatory management on employee productivity in private companies in Mogadishu Somalia. In this study, the researcher used survey design, and the quantitative approach strategy is used for this study. The researcher used primary data, and used questionnaire as method of collection. The target population of this study based on some selected employees in private companies in Mogadishu, Somalia. The data was taken from respondents through questionnaire, and the data was analyzed by SPSS. The study determined that participatory management increases employee productivity. The researcher of this study recommends that organizations hoping to enhance the productivity of its employees should practice participatory management. Also, companies in Mogadishu must encourage employee involvement in the decisionmaking process. Also, the researcher suggests the top management to consider that employees need to get respect and recognition.</p> 2023-05-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management Impact of Online Education on Student Health 2023-04-27T04:40:16+00:00 Mihir Dalvi [email protected] Pranali Dalal [email protected] <p>The coronavirus had forced the closure of all schools and universities worldwide. With the tremendous rise of online education, teaching is now done remotely on digital platforms using computers and mobile devices. Numerous studies have demonstrated that prolonged or excessive screen use can have an adverse effect on both physical and mental health. Stress, depression, irregular sleep patterns, negative effects on vision, posture pain, hand impairments, and musculoskeletal disorders are just some of the mental and physical afflictions.</p> 2023-04-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nolegein - Journal of Organizational Behavior and Management