Unified Vehicle Distribution System


  • Manoj Maurya
  • Preetam Khandelwal


This Research report concludes the idea and finding of a critical problem that could be solved with and easy integration of technology also generating pure revenue to gov. The research explores the complexities of the issue, emphasizing how it affects different stakeholders and has wider social ramifications. It highlights how technology might act as a catalyst to effectively and efficiently address the highlighted difficulty. Moreover, it delineates the particular prerequisites for execution, stressing the need for legislative modification to enable smooth integration.
This study not only explains the technical components of the suggested solution but also provides a thorough economic analysis that highlights the possible income streams that may be tapped by putting it into practice. The suggested solution not only mitigates the highlighted problem but also offers a profitable potential for government income collection by utilizing technology and harmonizing legal frameworks. This research paper makes a strong argument for legislative changes that are required in order to enable revolutionary transformation in the transportation industry. It emphasizes how crucial innovative technology and aggressive governance are to solving today's problems and promoting sustainable development.



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