NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management 2024-04-23T04:32:09+00:00 Journal Manager [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p><strong>NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research &amp; Management </strong>is a peer reviewed journal and provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of Decision theory and Operations models . The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on Applications of operations research and Manufacturing &amp; operations theory. It's a biannual journal, started in 2018.</p> Exploring The Impact of E-HRM on Employee Performance: A Systematic Literature Review 2024-04-23T04:32:09+00:00 Nasika Lakshmi [email protected] <p><em>e-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management) refers to the integration of digital technologies into traditional HR processes to streamline and optimize human resource management activities. e-HRM can encompass a wide range of functions, such as recruitment and applicant tracking, performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits, and employee self-service. By leveraging digital tools and platforms, e-HRM aims to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of HR processes, while also enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction. Some examples of e-HRM technologies include HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), payroll and benefits management software, performance management and appraisal systems, and online learning and development platforms. This systematic literature review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the existing research on e-HRM and employee performance, to identify key factors that contribute to its effectiveness, and to identify gaps in the literature that may warrant further investigation.</em><em> The study involved a comprehensive search of relevant databases and sources, and a systematic screening and selection process to identify relevant studies. The data extraction and analysis process involved using a predefined set of criteria to evaluate the quality and relevance of each study and synthesizing the results across studies to draw conclusions and identify patterns. The findings of the review suggest that e-HRM has a positive impact on employee performance, particularly in the areas of employee engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity. The review also identified several key factors that contribute to the effectiveness of e-HRM, including organizational culture, employee attitudes and perceptions, and the quality and usability of the e-HRM system. Overall, the review highlights the potential of e-HRM as a tool for improving employee performance, but also underscores the importance of careful implementation and ongoing evaluation to ensure its effectiveness. </em><em>A discussion of the research's practical ramifications and suggestions for further study round out the assessment.</em></p> 2024-04-21T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management Relationship Building: Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. 2024-04-23T04:29:08+00:00 Anuradha Chatterjee [email protected] <p><em>Man is a gregarious animal. It is not possible for any man to survive for long in total isolation. Like I said in my article, relationship, entwines a man into a community. A community comprised of people. However, it is imperative for all to know the foundation on which such relationships may be built. The human interactions may help to build or crumble a commune. The article is a stroke towards spreading amicability and humanity.&nbsp; Proper, Communication, listening skills and Empathy should be the call of the hour. The essay emphasizes the value of empathy, which is the capacity to understand and identify with the feelings of others. Empathy builds mutual respect and compassion, which provide a strong basis for peaceful cohabitation. </em>It promotes diversity and tolerance, both of which are essential elements in creating a successful community.<em> The article essentially promotes the development of kindness and amiability in interpersonal relationships. People may play a significant role in building resilient and interconnected communities by placing a high value on communication, empathy, and listening comprehension. These virtues promote unity and support amongst people, acting as guiding principles when negotiating the complexity of interpersonal interactions. Societies can prosper by working together to preserve these ideals and benefiting from the links created by sincere compassion and understanding</em></p> 2024-04-22T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management Performance Management in Public Sector- A pilot study 2024-04-20T12:14:51+00:00 G.Vaidyanathan [email protected] <p><em>In any organization, there is constant pressure to achieve more productivity or reach higher performance levels and meet the set target. The scientist’s effort has to be commensurate with the strategy and mission of the organisation. This requires regular feedback from the scientists as well as the organisation. Feedback surveys at regular intervals will lead to improved performance. The work described in the paper attempts to explore the factors affecting the motivation of scientists in their work situations and also the factors affecting the overall satisfaction of the scientists with their work groups. The feedback from the survey resulted in improvements to infrastructure, besides improving the working environment with a participative spirit.</em> <em>This study explores the multitude of variables affecting scientists' motivation in their work environments as well as the elements impacting their general job satisfaction in teams. By conducting periodic feedback surveys, significant insights were obtained, resulting in concrete improvements to the infrastructure and the development of a more favourable work environment marked by a collaborative and participatory spirit. This early study provides a basic framework for future research and interventions aimed at maximizing organizational effectiveness and employee well-being by clarifying the intricacies of performance management satisfaction in the public sector.</em></p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management Pricing Dynamics in the Global Marketplace: A Comprehensive Analysis of Cost, Value, and Competition 2024-04-20T11:56:22+00:00 S. SHIMPI [email protected] Ganesh Radhakrishnan [email protected] <p><em>The most common pricing methods used by international companies are based on price, customer value and competition. The aim of this study, in addition to data, is to analyze the current state of advertising costs worldwide, identify copywriters and leading publishing houses, and provide further research opportunities. To this end, we used bibliometric methods to identify relevant literature in four databases: Web of Science, Emerald, Elsevier, and Spell. A total of articles from different journals (mostly from the field of business, economics, marketing and production) were reviewed. The findings show that price is a complex and multifaceted concept that involves much more than setting the selling price and price managers face serious challenges. The results also show that the cost-based approach outperforms the customer value-based approach and the competition-based approach. Finally, the findings show that value is still an understudied topic and therefore deserves further research.</em><em>This study provides insights into the present landscape of advertising costs worldwide, identifies important contributors in copywriting and publishing, and delineates prospects for future development using a comprehensive bibliometric analysis drawn from multiple databases and literature sources. Our findings highlight the complexities of pricing dynamics, demonstrating the obstacles that price managers encounter when negotiating a variety of pricing schemes. While cost-based approaches emerge as strong rivals, customer value analysis remains an underexplored subject, indicating prospects for future research. This study contributes to a better knowledge of pricing mechanisms and lays the groundwork for future research efforts targeted at deciphering the complexities of pricing in the global commercial arena</em>.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management Using Work Breakdown Structure to Optimize Project Management: A Complete Guide 2024-04-20T11:50:51+00:00 Ganesh Radhakrishnan [email protected] <p><em>One of the most effective tools for project managers is the work breakdown structure (WBS).</em><em>It is the foundation of effective planning, execution, control, status and reporting. All tasks included in the WBS must be defined, estimated, planned and budgeted. WBS is the structure and code that unifies and influences all business activities (scope, time and cost).</em> <em>This in-depth manual examines the goals, scope, organization, process, roles, and advantages of applying WBS to project management initiatives. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) facilitates project success by breaking the project down into manageable components and tracking cost, time, and performance throughout the project lifetime. This ensures alignment with objectives.</em> <em>A key component of project managers' toolkit, the work breakdown structure (WBS) provides a strong foundation for efficient planning, execution, management, and reporting. It unifies the components of scope, time, and money by acting as the centre of all project activity. This extensive manual explores the core ideas, goals, organizational tactics, procedural nuances, roles, and other benefits related to incorporating WBS into project management initiatives. Project success and efficacy are fostered by the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which breaks down projects into manageable components and closely monitors cost, time, and performance throughout a project's lifecycle. This assures seamless alignment with overarching objectives</em>.</p> 2024-04-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management Challenges of Urbanization and Solutions: An Introspective Study 2024-01-09T06:54:09+00:00 Ram Krishna Mandal [email protected] Devadhar Sengdo [email protected] <p><em>Modernization, industrialization, and socialization are all intimately related to urbanization. Urbanization is a historic and rapid alteration of human social foundations on a global scale. with urban culture replacing human social foundations. Rapid urbanization has resulted in modern cities' uncontrolled and chaotic expansion. There are several difficulties that must be overcome as soon as possible. Goal: Examines the issues raised by India's rapidly increasing urbanization and offers potential solutions by examining the multifaceted effects of this phenomenon. Methodology: This study is descriptive by nature based on secondary sources such as government records, books, articles, and online journals. Results and Discussion: Different types of challenges and their probable solutions are discussed. Conclusion: Proper urbanization leads the people approaching modernization and adapt in the rhythm of development of science and technology. This study explores the intricate relationship between modernization, industrialization, and socialization in the context of urbanization, elucidating the historic and rapid transformation of global human social foundations. The pervasive influence of urban culture, supplanting traditional societal structures, is evident in the uncontrolled and chaotic expansion of modern cities resulting from rapid urbanization. Recognizing the urgency imposed by numerous challenges, this research focuses on India's burgeoning urbanization, aiming to analyze issues and propose solutions by examining the multifaceted effects of this transformative phenomenon.</em></p> 2023-12-15T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Operations Research & Management