NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies 2022-10-10T11:39:08+00:00 Journal Manager Open Journal Systems <p><strong>NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management &amp; Retention Strategies </strong>is a peer reviewed journal and provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of performance management and retention strategies. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on new methods in employee engagement and retention. It's a biannual journal, started in 2018.</p> Employee Transfer and Promotion Influencing Job Satisfaction: A Study with Reference to APSPDCL, Chittoor District 2022-10-10T11:39:08+00:00 B. Venkata Lakshmi <p>The present study investigates the impact of promotion and transfer on employee satisfaction, with special reference to APSPDCL (Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company). Every organization applies these procedures to improve the possibility of appointing people who have the required skills to flourish in their jobs. It is also vital that every company has a better promotion and transfer procedure. The process must include very transparent manner which is applicable to all the<br>job holders. In the case of a transfer, employees have to change workgroups, locations, or units. A promotion is a change in the designation’s position and level within the organization. The job satisfaction of the employee also depends on transfers and promotions. From the study, it is found that in the APSPDCL, employees are satisfied with the present procedure. Population of study was 200. Sample size is 50, and a random sampling method is employed in the present study. Few vital implications were derived from the study. The research result found that APSPDCL transfers and promotion impact on job satisfaction is positive.</p> 2022-10-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies Using Transformative Pedagogy when Teaching Online 2022-10-10T10:50:01+00:00 P. Venkataiah <p>Understanding what’s lacking among online teaching literature is crucial in serving to researchers and practitioners to develop programs and support mechanisms for online academics in pedagogy. This review formulates a critique of the standards-and competence-based vision of online teaching from the perspective of transformative learning theory. Thus, on offer associate alternate exploration of the skilled development of online academics as adult learners. The results suggest that analyzing<br>the role and competencies of online teachers guides the provision of teacher preparation and training programs, while also addressing issues of online academic acceptance, promoting basic reflection, and integrating technology into educational research. It shows that it can help you solve. Transformational pedagogy encourages students to challenge their own assumptions, address social issues, and take political action. The author extends literature throughout this space by describing<br>ways during which school members will effectively use transformative pedagogy, along with making a secure environment; encouraging students to put confidence in their experiences, beliefs, and biases; the teaching methods that promote student engagement and participation; move real-world issues that address group inequalities; and serving to students implement action-oriented solutions.</p> 2022-10-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies A Study on Employee Engagement: Indicators and Repercussions: Review of Literature with A Critical Analysis 2022-10-10T09:47:02+00:00 Sugandha Joshi <p>Employees serve as brand ambassadors and crucial touch points for any company's customers, as they are the major stakeholder who may make the difference between a pleased and unhappy consumer. Employee engagement is important in every industry. As a result, it's crucial for companies to know how their employees feel about working for them. Employee engagement aids in the understanding of employee expectations and lays out a path for businesses to achieve those objectives. Motivated and engaged employees contribute more to the organization's production and help to maintain a higher level of commitment. Employees who have a positive outlook. Organizations should focus their efforts more on the factors that have the greatest impact on employee engagement. The study looked at how employee engagement has evolved over time and described the many types of employee engagement concepts. The goal of this paper is to understand the fundamental concept of employee engagement and to conduct a literature research to look at the many aspects of employee engagement. During this literature review, the influence of employee engagement on practitioners and researchers was discovered. Understanding the determinants will assist management and employees in creating a healthy work environment and increase employee engagement. In this literature, the causes and effects of employee engage ment have been discovered, which have varied when assessed.</p> 2022-10-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies Performance Appraisal and Nursing Profession 2022-04-21T11:09:46+00:00 Shersingh Morodiya <p><em>Performance appraisal is used for evaluation of technical, professional and management personnel. It is also helpful in predicting future benefits of the employee, organization and society. </em><em>In every organization, all employees work to achieve the common goal of the organization. The employees have individual differences. It is necessary to inform them, from time to time about their own level of performance in the organization so that their morale may be high. Objectives of performance appraisal are - determining salary standards, promotion, transfer, demotion, termination, training, communication and informing employees “where they stand. These objectives are achieved by many methods. Performance appraisal of nursing personnel comprises some characteristics. Job descriptions are written according each job. The appraisal tool used is suitable to the purpose have clear instructions for its use. The evaluators are trained. Performance appraisal is considered to be fair and productive by all. Appraisal should be based on a standard, must know in advance. Appraiser should be someone who has observed the employee’s work, the employee trusts and respects on them. Advantages of performance appraisal are ensuring/enhancing quality nursing care, motivation, job satisfaction, evaluate and improve the manager’s own performance, employees can know how well he/she is doing, what their manager thinks of their work. Common Errors are leniency, halo effect, central tendency, perpetual set, contrast error, status effect. </em></p> 2022-05-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies Impact of Training and Development on Employee Retention 2022-04-02T04:32:09+00:00 Devika Satpute Pratiksha Maturkar Sudhakar Gaonkar Dur Khan <p>In the context of global business competition, organizations hope that HR is their primary resource and that their employees move forward and support themselves in achieving their organizational goals in this world. In view of this concept, organizations invest heavily in training and development programs for their employees to change the way they think and have ideas and apply their understanding and ethical standards. Most organizations hope that the improved skills will help employees to improve their personalities and motivate to increase the profitability of the organization and improve the number of shareholders. Data were collected from 100 public / private sector employees using a simple modeling process. Descriptive statistics, correlations and regression analysis techniques used to analyze data. The results show that the positive relationship that exists between training and retention of employees and the decision of employees to stay longer can be influenced by the training practice. In line with that, the conceptual framework for developing a training and development program and work-related pride for employees in terms of training and development has been created from a comprehensive review of the literature. In addition, the findings of this study reveal that the outcome of the training and development program has a positive correlation with learning size, organizational commitment, and measuring staff performance. In this way, from this research study, it is assumed that training and development in various organizations produces positive outcomes for the views of the various groups and the general communication development of the organizations as well.</p> 2022-04-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies Training Need Analysis of UG and PG Teaching Staff 2022-01-24T06:19:45+00:00 Srishti Mishra Simran Ajwani Sudhakar Gaonkar Dur Khan <p>The aim of this study is to identify training needs of university faculty members, to understand the impacts <br>of a proper training need analysis and understand the skill gap. A list of training needs of faculty members <br>will be developed in terms of technological innovations in general, developing skills of faculty members <br>in the use of technological innovations and promoting university faculty members in quality assurance <br>skills. The data collection is based on a questionnaire developed to assess university faculty members’ <br>needs in different areas. The study will recommend a program for training faculty members, to use <br>technological innovations, meet their scientific research needs, university teaching, and community <br>service and meet course requirements in terms of quality standards and performance indicators. Both <br>Primary and secondary research have been performed. For primary research, questionnaire was <br>circulates to the professors of UG and PG universities. The responses are analyzed and hypothesis testing <br>is performed. Chi square test of independence is used to conclude the objectives. We were able to <br>successfully conclude that training need analysis impacts the satisfaction and career development of the <br>teaching staff.</p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 NOLEGEIN-Journal of Performance Management & Retention Strategies