An Empirical Study on Service Quality Improves the Customer Satisfaction in Retails Industries with Reference to Heritage Super Market in Hyderabad


  • M. Santhosh Pavan Kalyan
  • Kiran Kumar Thoti


Business, Sustain, Customer, Retail, Market


Retailing business is the major contributor for gross domestic product (GDP) in India. It had
generated millions of jobs both directly and indirectly. The population of India is the major advantage
because of high demand for consumption for food products. Heritage is retailing brand and it known
for its fresh and quality products. It offers food products, vegetables and household products. The
product categories at Heritage had been constantly growing according to the needs and demands
from the consumers. Market research helps in understanding the markets, consumers, suppliers and
demand about selected products and services. It itself is broad term and organizations conduct market
research to sustain in the business. The research was conducted in the location of Hyderabad.