A Study on Green Businesses in India


  • Neeta Aurangabadkar Pole
  • Sai Koushik Posu


Green, sustainability, business, ecofriendly, environment


Increasing awareness on the various environmental problems has directed to a shift in consumer
behaviour. There has been a change in consumer attitude towards a green lifestyle. In the modern
market green business have evolved special implications. The word ‘Green’ indicates purity through
quality, fairness in price and worthy in dealings. These green business emphases on ecofriendly
products to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers with the scope of sustainable development to
a greater extent. It adopts innovative techniques of various strategies where it involves both concern
towards nature and profitability in core aspects. The growth in green businesses cannot solely be
sustained by big firms adopting green practices. It must also be supplemented by the rise of new
entrepreneurs entering the green business market. Green business is the act of not only living by
environmentally friendly policies and procedures, but ensuring it translates into environmentally
conscious behaviour even at individual levels. Green business is important for a number of reasons,
from eliminating wastefulness to promoting social equity. It is well known that increasing production
and business activities are polluting the natural environment. The damages to people, crops, and
wildlife are reported in different parts of the world. As resources are limited and human wants are
unlimited, it is necessary for marketers to use resources efficiently, so that organizational objectives
are achieved without waste of resources. Green business, or sustainable business, holds sustainable
operating procedures, product and material sourcing, labor practices, and shipping methods. The goal
of green business is to eradicate any negative impact on the environment, on both a local and global
scale. A green company takes a constructive method to minimizing waste, reducing its carbon footprint,
and avoiding any injurious practices. The paper highlights the relevance of green business in India, its
need and importance, creating awareness and its opportunities and challenges and suggest the
measures for green businesses.