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CELNET (Consortium e-Learning Network Private Limited) is among the fastest growing and innovative publisher of books, journals, and e-learning programs, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. It started its journey with NanoTrends: A Journal of Nanotechnology and Its Applications (2006) and Nanotechnology books and e-learning programs in the year 2005 and soon after that launched 60 scholarly Scientific, Technical, Medical (STM) Journals in 2010.

CELNET focuses upon the experience and expertise of its authors, editors, learned societies, colleagues, and vendors with whom it works and focuses on anticipating and delivering what is required in the market. With the growth and maturity of Indian business and academics in the management field, the need for National Journals on a united platform is echoed among the learned community. Henceforth, the need of quality MBA journals was felt reflecting practical approaches to new perspectives and challenges in diversified but related business and management fields. Hence, CELNET with its continuous efforts launches Sixteen (16) new journals covering the field of Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Business and Industry under the banner of MBA journals.

CELNET hereby welcomes and invites the learned community to explore our initiative and provide their valuable suggestions about products and services.