Health Status and Substance to Addiction of the Construction Workers in Mysuru City


  • Ananda P Professor
  • Devaraja R.


Construction workers, addiction, health status


The more numbers of alcohol and substance addiction workers are frequently found in the construction industries. Substance to addiction is a big problem for construction workers. The exposed to a high level of danger and to perform occupational tasks nature of construction work is the most likely account for substance to addiction. To know the usage level of substance by the
construction workers. The present study Cross-Sectional study deign was adopted and 360 samples have been chosen for the study. The construction workers are very much addicted to the alcoholic (40.3%), and gutaka (10.6%) respectively. Majority of the workers hardly earn wages but they spent money for consume the alcohol and gutaka substances. The frequency of alcohol consumption seems to be quite high among construction workers. Substance addiction has become assimilate within construction. There is regularity drinking culture cause the infirmity of the construction workers.


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