Profitability of Indigenous and Hybrid Poultry Birds Enterprises in Imo State, Nigeria


  • Osuji E.E
  • Ibeagwa O.B
  • Chikezie C
  • Anyiam K.H
  • Anyanwu U.G
  • Okonkwo E.K


Analysis, poultry, indigenous, hybrid, profitability, enterprise, imo state


Mixture poultry endeavors are turning out to be more liked to native poultry ventures in Imo State
Nigeria. This study in a bid to establish a reason for this development, investigated the profitability of
the two enterprises and the factors that influence their profitability. Essential information were
gathered utilizing a bunch of organized poll from 96 respondents drawn from 48 native grill ranchers
and 48 half breed oven ranchers who were chosen through multistage, purposive and irregular testing
strategies. Information were dissected utilizing graphic measurements, benefit proportions and the
standard Least squares products relapse method. The results showed that the majority of the
respondents were in their mid-forties with mean age of 46 years and 45 years respectively. Female
poultry farmers dominated in the indigenous birds based poultry enterprises while male farmers were
mostly involved in hybrid bird poultry production. Majority of the entrepreneurs had formal
education with an average of 13 years and 14 years. The degree of instruction (P<0.01), stock size
(P<0.01), depreciation of capital assets (P<0.1), amount of credit (P<0.01) and total cost (P<0.01)
are factors that influence the profitability of indigenous birds based poultry enterprises in the State.
The age of the entrepreneur (P<0.01), the level of education of the entrepreneur (P<0.05), the stock
size (P<0.1), depreciation of capital assets (P<0.05) influenced the profitability of hybrid birds based
poultry enterprises. The study recommended that extension of credit, better educational facilities to
poultry enterprises and entrepreneurs in the State.


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